Keynote Lectures

XVII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics

Interface Modes on Periodic Acoustic Waveguides and Elastic Rods Using Spectral Elements

José Roberto Castilho Piqueira
Escola Politécnica-USP
Phase Synchronization Networks and Dynamical Systems

Smart Wearable Systems for Enhanced Monitoring and Mobility

Tiejun Yang
Active Control of Vibrations from Diesel Engines in Marine Applications

Structural Dynamics, Aeroelasticity and Stores Separation, Saab Aeronautics, Sweeden.
Dynamic analysis and tests performed during the aircraft development process. Examples of applications including current methods and tools will be presented.

Linkoping University, Department of Management and engineering, Division of Fluid and Mecahtronic Systems, Linkoping, Sweden.
Simplified models for hydraulic transmission lines and hoses are presented, for both time andfrequency domain simulation.

Thiago da Silva Martins
LogisticsEngineering Center, Vale S.A.
Economic, technical  and operational importance of the dynamic design in railway cars and convoys.