Registration fees

XVIII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics

Before JAN 15th, 2019 After JAN 15th up to FEB 15th, 2019 After FEB 15th, 2019
Professional, non ABCM member R$ 1.350,00 R$ 1.600,00 R$ 1.800,00
Professional, ABCM member R$ 950,00 R$ 1.200,00 R$ 1.500,00
Graduate student, non ABCM member R$ 675,00 R$ 800,00 R$ 900,00
Graduate student, ABCM member R$ 475,00 R$ 600,00 R$ 750,00
Undergraduate student, non ABCM member R$ 337,50 R$ 400,00 R$ 450,00
Undergraduate student, ABCM member R$ 237,50 R$ 300,00 R$ 375,00

To register, you must log in to the ABCM system,
(on the left menu you will find the option Register)

The registration fee includes coffee break and all social events

The registration fee includes one presentation per author

The accompanying person registration fee is R$ 600,00 and must be paid at the event checkin.