17th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering

1) Cancellation Policy for ABCM Conferences
1.1) Cancellations must be requested from the conference organizers and approved by ABCM.
1.2) Until 1 month before the event starts, a 70% refund will be provided.
1.3) Otherwise, no refund will be provided.
1.4) There is one exception, a final paper being rejected when its respective extended abstract was accepted, where a 100% refund will be provided.

2) Smoking Policy
Smoking is not allowed inside the conference venue

3) Insurance
The conference cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, for loss of, or damage to property of conference delegates (or any accompanying persons), either during or as a result of the conference. You are advised to travel with a valid travel insurance.

4) Visa
In order to receive an official document from the conference organizers to apply for a visa to Brazil, registration fees must have been paid.