10th ABCM Spring School on
Transition and Turbulence
September 19-23, 2016
São José Dos Campos, SP - Brazil
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Important Dates
  • Feb 05 2016

    Registration Opens

  • Apr 25 2016

    Full length draft paper deadline

  • May 27 2016

    Notification of acceptance

  • Jun 20 2016

    Revised full length paper

  • mar 28, 2016

    Draft Paper Submission Deadline Postponed

    Deadline for full length draft paper submission was postponed until April 25ht.

  • fev 16, 2016

    Templates and submission guide are now available here

    You must access ABCM´s system to submit your paper at sistema.abcm.org.br.

    Those who are not registered in the system must create a new account before logging in.

    The registration for the EPTT 2016 is free, but necessary for a good planning of the event.


  • set 29, 2015

    EPTT 2016 Selected papers will be invited to be published at the Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management (JATM)

    More information about JATM at: www.jatm.com.br