Restaurant options

Lunch options for EPTT participants

Restaurant options inside DCTA Campus:

  • Restaurante do COCTA

The COCTA restaurant has a special price for the EPTT 2016 participants.
COCTA has self-service buffet and the food is sold by kilogram, pay-by-weight buffet.


R$ 34,90/kg without barbecue
R$ 39,90/kg with barbecue

The restaurant is very close to Auditorium B, EPTT 2016 venue, 8 min walking or around two minutes by car.





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  • Restaurante  ICEA

Small restaurants inside DCTA Campus:

  • Cantina do IPEV
  • Cantina do H8
  • Cantina do X10
  • Cantina do Bigode
  • Cantina da USCT
  • Fran’s Café
  • Restaurante Bylla’s

Restaurants close to DCTA Campus:

Several restaurants at CenterVale Shopping

Avenida Deputado Benedito Matarazzo, 9403 – Jardim Oswaldo Cruz, São José dos Campos – SP, 12215-900

For others restaurant options outside DCTA campus, visit: