Arriving at São José dos Campos

Ground Transportation From São Paulo/Guarulhos to São José dos Campos

The airport nearest from São José dos Campos is the São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), which is located about 70km away from São José dos Campos. From there, you can get to São José dos Campos using the following ground transportation options:


You can get a taxi service from Guarucoop, the only company that is allowed to operate at the airport. Just after exiting terminal 2, on your right, you will find a booth (see Figure bellow). By your ticket to São José dos Campos there. With your ticket, go to the taxi line, that is located in front of the booth.



The Best and least expensive way to get São José dos Campos from São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport is by taking a bus. It will take about 80 minutes to São José. The company that provides this service is called Pássaro Marron. To take their buses, do the following:

• If you arrive at Terminal 3, after you collect your luggage and leave the restrict area, go out of the terminal and take the shuttle to other terminals. Leave it at Terminal 2 – East Side (see Figure 1).
• If you arrive at Terminal 2 – East Side (see Figure 1), after you leave the restrict area, just after the custom, proceed to the exit and just after the door, turn left;
• In the sidewalk of Terminal 2- East Side, walk to the second area where the Bus Tickets are located (Figure 2a). There, go to the Pássaro Marron booth (Figure 2b) and buy your ticket to São José dos Campos (only cash accepted).
• After that, look for a line of buses parking on the sidewalk. Go to the Position 3 (Figure 3a);
• Take the Pássaro Marron bus to São José dos Campos (Figure 3b). • When you arrive in São José do Campos main buss station, take a taxi to your hotel. Taxis in São José dos Campos are white and they are parking in line just on the left of the bus station exit.