About Uberlândia

11th Spring School on Transition and Turbulence

The 11th EPTT is going to be held in Uberlândia, at the Federal University of Uberlândia campus.

Uberlândia is one of the biggest cities in the countryside of Brazil with approximately 650 thousand inhabitants. Is is part of Minas Gerais State, situated in the center of the country with a privileged geographic location. The region is famous for its hospitality and prosperity. A route of the main airlines companies and with easy roads access, the city is also provided with complete and modern hotel network. Uberlândia has a potential to host national and international events due to its great infrastructure.

Continuous Development:

  • National capital of wholesale-distributor
  • Agribusiness center and contact center
  • Telecommunication center
  • University education center
  • Biotechnology excellence center
  • Diversified industrial park
  • Sport event center – modern and diversified infrastructure