About Campinas

8th International Symposium on Solid Mechanics

Campinas is one of the largest cities in the Metro São Paulo area. Located a 1 hour drive from São Paulo and a 2 hour shuttle from Guarulhos airport, the city is easily accessible for all Mecsol 2022 participants. Check also for flights to Viracopos Airport, which is only a 40 minute transfer to campus. This city of 1.2 million residents ranks among the most highly developed in the country. Campinas was an important hub during the Coffee Era, from which it inherited many tourist attractions that the Mecsol 2021 participants will get to enjoy: the Metropolitan Cathedral – the world’s largest rammed earth structure, the Preparatory School for Army Cadets, and the historic Anhumas steam locomotive tours.

Campinas is home to some of the most important national research centers and laboratories, in areas such as biomedicine, robotics and autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, and particle physics. Most of them, including Brazil’s two synchrotron light sources, are open to visitors.

The district of Barão Geraldo, where Unicamp is located, is a separate region of the city. It is a slow-paced neighborhood during the day, with a lively bohemian night buzz, where Mecsol 2022 participants will get to enjoy a wide variety of local cuisine, craft brews, and live music.

Barão Geraldo offers plenty of accommodation, food and transportation options, but most points of interest in the district are within walking distance of campus.