Registration Fees

6th Brazilian Meeting of Biomechanical Engineering

All registrations entitle you to the event proceedings, access to the technical sessions, keynote speaker lectures, opening cocktail and event material. The conference dinner will be held at the Hotel Majestic. Participants not staying at the two hotels indicated on the website by the Organizing Committee (Majestic and Recanto Bela Vista), who wish to attend the conference dinner, must pay an admission fee of R$ 80.00.

Publication fees:
• Authors registered as professionals and graduate students are allowed to upload up to two
• Undergraduate student registrations give entitlement to one publication fee.
• Publication fee for additional paper: R$ 100.00.

The Organizing Committee has agreed on the fees as follows:

Descrição Valor até 20/03/2018 (R$) Valor após 20/03/2018 (R$)
Profissional Sócio da ABCM 550,00 700,00
Profissional Não-Sócio da ABCM 600,00 750,00
Estudante de Pós-graduação Sócio da ABCM 350,00 450,00
Estudante de Pós-graduação Não Sócio da ABCM 400,00 500,00
Estudante de Graduação Sócio da ABCM 100,00 150,00
Estudante de Graduação Não Sócio da ABCM 150,00 200,00