Belo Horizonte

Meet Minas and be enchanted

Minas Gerais is a unique state, it combines culture, history, tradition and a lot of nature.

The dining table, “where there is always room for one more,” is the greatest mark of the hospitality of the people of the state. The culture welcomes the most different palates, tastes, interests and desires: from the adventurous to the relaxed tourist, from children to the elderly, from rural to urban. For this, it is not enough just to hear, speak or be informed about it; one must experience and savor it.

Minas Gerais brings together the most important architectural and artistic collection of the Brazilian colonial period, preserved in cities of international fame such as Ouro Preto, Diamantina and Congonhas do Campo, rich in the abundance of Baroque masterpieces, in which the works of Antônio Francisco Lisbon, the Aleijadinho, and Master Athaíde. Centennial cities tell the greatness of Brazil’s history. Minas is also an immense stage of artistic manifestations, exported nationally and internationally.

In Minas you will find ideal destinations to relax and take care of body and mind. Much more than a simple tourist trip, is to establish an experience with the nature of Minas Gerais, where the simple becomes the essential.

The waters of the southern part of the state are famous for their medicinal powers. Araxá, Poços de Caldas, São Lourenço, Caxambu and Cambuquira are perfect destinations for those who seek well being.

For those who like adventure, the options are numerous. Paragliding over the Serra da Moeda is a mix of adrenaline and freedom. At the Serra do Cipó, adventurers can chose from a variety of activities, such as trekking, canoeing and rappelling. And, finally, balloon rides color the sky of Sete Lagoas.

In rural tourism, some regions stand out for the beautiful scenery and the calm pace. It is worth mentioning the Touristic Circuit of Villas and Farms of Minas, where the beauty of the farms and the small municipalities that still preserve characteristics of the urban colonial architecture, with small houses, sidewalks, stone walls and preserved historical centers. In the region, it is possible to find several tourist farms in the cities of Carandaí, Santana dos Montes and Itaverava.

But Minas is much more. It would be impossible to describe in a few words the diversity that the state presents. The gastronomy, the people of Minas Gerais, the culture and the typical hospitality of Minas Gerais will enchant and conquer you. Come and see our state.


Belo Horizonte, where innovation meets the tradition

Synthesis of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte is a pulsating city, effervescent, full of life and ready for the changes that modern society requires. It has in the creative economy and the intellectual capital of its people its main market differential. As an important business center, the development of information and communications technology, health and biotechnology, fashion and design, the mining, automotive and aeronautics industries are some of the economic sectors that stand out in the capital.

Culture comes alive in Belo Horizonte. Landmark of the Modernism Architectural Movement and early works of Oscar Niemeyer, the Pampulha Modern Ensemble – recently established as UNESCO World Heritage – is composed by the São Francisco de Assis Church, the Gardens of the Pampulha Art Museum, the Ball Room, the Yacht Golf Club, the Residence of Juscelino Kubitschek and the water mirror. Tourist and cultural icon, Pampulha is one of the most popular places among locals and visitors.

The capital of Minas Gerais State is one of the greatest producers of culture in Brazil and stage of the most diverse internationally recognized festivals, such as the International Theater Festival and International Dance Forum. Another highlight is its craftwork. The richness and originality of these works can be seen in the various fairs and markets located around the city.

Cuisine for palatable experiences. Creativity and appreciation of local ingredients preserve the tradition (like the feijão tropeiro and the pão de queijo) and also offer an elaborate international cuisine. Cachaça and craft beers are highlighted as drinks internationally appraised and exported to all over the world.

Its prime location provides an ideal logistics to visitors and investors. The city is 275 miles from Rio de Janeiro and 364 miles from São Paulo, the two main capitals of Brazil, and 456 miles from the federal capital, Brasilia. In addition, the state capital is embedded in two axes in South America: Axis Mercosur-Chile and Axis Central Interoceanic, that make up the network of global cities.

The proximity to Ouro Preto and Congonhas, both World Heritage sites, the landscape of Serra do Curral, and the hospitality of its citizens make the enchanting state capital an ideal place to visit and live.

Come visit and meet in Belo Horizonte!