About Joinville

6th International Symposium on Solid Mechanics

Joinville is the third largest city of southern Brazil and a major industrial hub of the state of Santa Catarina. Many important Brazilian and multinational companies, such as Tigre, Amanco, Tupy, Ciser, Embraco and Whirlpool are based in the city. Joinville’s business vocation is shared with its university atmosphere, as it hosts campuses of the Federal (UFSC) and State (UDESC) Universities of Santa Catarina, in addition to privately owned colleges.

The story of Joinville begins with its planned Germanic colonization in 1849, when Brazil was still an Empire, ruled by D. Pedro II.

The European influence can still be found in architecture, gastronomy, way of life and in the German language, which is still spoken in the surroundings.
A cultural particularity is that Joinville hosts the only affiliate of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow, which was founded in 2000. It also hosts the Joinville Dance Festival, mentioned as the world’s largest dance festival since 2005 by the Guinness Book of Records.

Joinville offers a variety of access possibilities, both by bus and by plane. Its privileged location with respect to other important cities in Santa Catarina and Paraná provides excellent logistics for receiving visitors from all over Brazil. This fact allied to availability of well-established hotel structure makes Joinville the ideal venue for the conference.