By car

Coming from Curitiba:
1 1/2 hours (120 km)
Take the main entry road into Joinville via Rua XV de Novembro toward “Centro da Cidade.” At the first set of traffic lights turn right, and then take the third street on the left, Rua Otto Boehm. The hotel is on the right.

Coming from Florianópolis:
2 hours (180 km)
Take the secondary entry road onto Rua Otokar Doerfel and go until the army buildings (called 62 BI). Go left at the junction and at the second set of traffic lights turn left onto Rua Otto Boehm. The hotel will now be on your left

Coming from the airport
30 min (13,3 km)
Take Av. Santos Dumont until the roundabout that leads to Av Edgar Meister, follow this avenue (turning right) until it crosses Av. Dona Francisca. Turn left at Av Dona Francisca and at the next roundabout, follow Av. Marquês de Olinda until Rua XV de Novembro. The Avenue will change name to Rua Camboriú. Stay in this street until it intersects R. Otto Boehm. Turn left in R. Otto Boehm. The hotel will be on your left approximately 200m ahead.


By bus

The urban bus companies in Joinville are Gidion and Transtusa. In the webpages listed below you can find which buses you should take to reach the hotel proximities from anywhere in the city.