Paper Submission

20th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering

The purpose of these instructions is to provide guidelines for the submission of abstracts and full papers for publication in the conference proceedings.

For the submission, please note that the submitting author and all the co-authors must be registered in the management system. The submissionrequires filling out the form found under the option “Submissions” in the author’s area.

You should also select in the management system the area that best fits your
research paper.

The abstracts and papers must be submitted through the ABCM conference management system

The abstracts and papers should be written in the English language. Authors who do not feel comfortable with English writing are advised to have their contributions revised by English language revision experts.




The abstract will be reviewed to check for the adherence of the contribution to the conference and the appropriateness of the area that was selected by the authors. The abstract should describe the objectives, context, and relevance of the research, the adopted methodology, the expected results, and the study’s preliminary conclusions. It should contain neither formulae nor references. All co-authors must be listed, including their institutions and e-mail addresses. The format of the abstract is left open, but its size should be between 300 to 400 words.

The deadline for the submission of the abstract is May 06th, 2024.


Draft Paper


The draft paper should clearly present the objectives and scope of the research, with a thorough revision of the literature to demonstrate the original contributions to the state of art. The methodology should be presented in every detail to allow the reproduction of the results in the paper. The graphic results must be presented with clarity and good art, with in-depth discussion analysis and discussion. There is no mandatory rule regarding the length of the paper, but the recommended number of pages is between 4 (four) and 8 (eight).

The draft paper should follow the conference template (below).

The reviewing process will result in one of three possible decisions: accepted, accepted with required revision, or rejected.

The deadline for submitting the draft paper is July 15th, 2024. 


Final Paper


For the draft papers that were accepted with required revision, the authors must answer the requests or recommendations made by the reviewers, either modifying the paper accordingly or rebutting the requests or recommendations.

The authors must then submit the final paper, which will be again reviewed. The final decision will be accepted or rejected.

The final paper will only be accepted if it is prepared in strict observance of the conference template.

The papers that are not presented (oral or poster) during the congress will not be included in the official proceedings of the event.

The deadline for submitting the final paper is August 26th, 2024.




Template Word

Template LaTeX