ISSN: 2447-2387

About the event

The aim of the Multiphase Flow Journeys-JEM 2015 is the diffusion of knowledge in all aspects of mass, momentum and energy exchange phenomena among different phases such as occur in disperse flows, gas–liquid and liquid–liquid flows, flows in porous media, boiling, granular flows and others. The goal of JEM is bringing together researchers, professionals and students from academy and industry in a single event. The Journeys combine the training and knowledge upgrading by exchanging experiences between researchers and students from distinct Brazilian universities as well as research institutes in an area of strategic importance for the scientific and technological advancement of the country. The Journeys house two events during its period: EBEM-Brazilian School of Multiphase Flow and the EBECEM-Brazilian Meeting of Boiling, Condensation and Multiphase Flows. The first is a two-day school where lectures on several topics related to multiphase flows are addressed to students and researchers. The second is a three-day conference with the participation of international keynote speakers. The Journeys welcome scientific articles to be orally presented during EBECEM. Poster presentations are also welcome. This 3th edition of JEM is being organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Campinas-UNICAMP in Campinas-SP, Brazil.