Registration fees

Registrations must be made through the ABCM submission system.

Early Fees (until September 28th)

Professional*: R$ 1.150,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 800,00
Graduate Students*: R$ 600,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 400,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 250,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 150,00

Late Fees (from September 29th to October 19th):

Professional*: R$ 1.300,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 950,00
Graduate Students*: R$ 675,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 475,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 300,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 200,00

During event:

Professional*: R$ 1.350,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 1000,00
Graduate Students*: R$725,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 525,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 350,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 250,00

* The values above correspond to the publication of only one paper. For each aditional paper, the registration fee will be increased in R$200,00.
** The registration fee does not includes the publication of papers. For publication, the registration fee will be increased in R$ 200,00 per work.
At least one author must register for each paper that is accepted for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings. The papers that are not presented (oral or poster) during the congress will not be included in the official proceedings of the event.