Registration fees

Registrations must be made through the ABCM submission system.

Early Fees (until September 28th)

Professional*: R$ 1.150,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 800,00
Graduate Students*: R$ 600,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 400,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 250,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 150,00

Late Fees (from September 29th to October 19th):

Professional*: R$ 1.300,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 950,00
Graduate Students*: R$ 675,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 475,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 300,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 200,00

During event:

Professional*: R$ 1.350,00
Professional – ABCM Member*: R$ 1000,00
Graduate Students*: R$725,00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member*: R$ 525,00
Undergraduate Students**: R$ 350,00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member**: R$ 250,00

* The values above correspond to the publication of only one paper. For each aditional paper, the registration fee will be increased in R$200,00.
** The registration fee does not includes the publication of papers. For publication, the registration fee will be increased in R$ 200,00 per work.
At least one author must register for each paper that is accepted for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings.