19th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering

Registration Fees

Registration must be made through the ABCM conference management system:

When registering in the 19th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering, each author is entitled to associate to his/her registration one paper for presentation at the conference. For each additional paper that cannot be associated with other registered authors, a fee of R$ 200.00 will be charged.

To be published in the proceedings, each paper should have an associated registration fee and be presented at the congress.

The registration fees for the different categories are presented in the following table.

Category Up to 19 Sep 2022 After 19 Sep 2022
Professional R$ 1,200.00 R$ 1,440.00
Professional – ABCM Member R$ 800.00 R$ 960.00
Graduate Students R$ 600.00 R$ 720.00
Graduate Students – ABCM Member R$ 400.00 R$ 480.00
Undergraduate Students R$ 300.00 R$ 360.00
Undergraduate Students – ABCM Member R$ 200.00 R$ 240.00

ENCIT2022 cherishes the participation of young researchers in its venue. To incentivize their enrollment, ENCIT2022 is accepting applications for fee reduction by young postdoctoral fellows and researchers (with less than five years after obtaining the doctorate degree), which are considered to be in the Professional category.Application for reduced fees by young researchers

To request a reduction in the registration fee, the young researcher should co-author at least one paper accepted in the conference and present a declaration stating the lack of sufficient support from funding sources (Graduate School, Funding Institutions, etc.). The applicants for the fee reduction will be classified according to the quality of the paper as evaluated in the peer-review process. A maximum of 20 requests for the reduced fee will be granted.

The applications must be sent to the following address: 

and have attached the following documents, in PDF format:

  • the first page of the co-authored accepted paper (containing Congress identification number);
  • declaration of absence of financial support, properly signed.

The deadline to send the application is September 12th, 2022.

The papers that are not presented (oral or poster) during the congress will not be included in the official proceedings of the event.

1) Cancellation Policy for ABCM Conferences
1.1) Cancellations must be requested from the conference organizers and approved by ABCM.
1.2) Until 1 month before the event starts, a 70% refund will be provided.
1.3) Otherwise, no refund will be provided.
1.4) There is one exception, a final paper being rejected when its respective extended abstract was accepted, where a 100% refund will be provided.

For more information, please contact the conference organizers.