Brief History

Brazilian Manufacturing Engineering Congress

In november of 1999, a group of universities researchers and professors embraced the idea of creating a conference focused on manufacturing processes, considering that its first edition should take place in Paraná Estate due to the automobilist pole recently implanted in the region. This proposal was materialized in the same year in the city of Águas de Lindóia – SP, during the XV Brazilian Congress of Mechanical Engineering (COBEM). The formal support of The Brazilian Association of Engineering and Mechanical Sciences – ABCM, and the creation of the National Committee of Manufacturing Engineering, as a part of ABCM, constituted the fundamental factors to the first conference organization.

After a meeting in February 2000 in the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), in which were present the professors Álisson Rocha Machado (UFU), Sinésio Domingues Franco (UFU), José Divo Bressan (UDESC), Rolf Bertrand Schroeter (UFSC), Marcelo Teixeira dos Santos (SOCIESC), Paulo César Okimoto (UFPR), Dalberto Dias da Costa (UFPR), Walter Casas (UFPR), Ana Sofia D’Oliveira (UFPR), Paulo Victor Marcondes (UFPR), Ramon Cortes Paredes (UFPR), Silvio Francisco Brunatto (UFPR), Nixon Malveira (UFPR), Ossimar Maranho (UTFPR), Walter Luis Mikos (UTFPR), Milton Luiz Polli (UTFPR), Paulo André Beltrão (UTFPR), Ricardo Torres (PUCPR), Gilmar Ferreira Batalha (USP), Sérgio Tonini Button (UNICAMP), and Alexandre Mendes Abrão (UFMG), a formal proposal to create the National Committee of Manufacturing Engineering was sent to ABCM. This committe was then composed by the following professors: Álisson Rocha Machado, José Divo Bressan, Paulo César Okimoto, Sérgio Tonini Button, Gilmar Ferreira Batalha, Marcelo Teixeira dos Santos, Walter Lindolfo Weingaertner and Theophilo Moura Maciel.

The first decision of the recently created committee was to propose to the organization of the 1st Brazilian Manufacturing Engineering Congress (COBEF), for the event to take place in April 2001 in Curitiba. Since then, the COBEF has been established as the most important event of Manufacturing Engineering in Brazil, being held biennially in different locations of the country: Uberlândia (2003), Joinville (2005), Águas de São Pedro (2007), Belo Horizonte (2009), Caxias do Sul (2011), Itatiaia (2013), Salvador (2015), Joinville (2017), São Carlos (2019) and Curitiba (2021). Its 12th edition, in 2023, will take place in Brasília, Federal District. In this new edition, the conference will be in hybrid (partially in-person and partially virtual), and it will be organized by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering of Brasília University (UnB).

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