Instructions for Authors

Brazilian Manufacturing Engineering Congress

The objective of these instructions is to provide the guidelines for the abstract, draft paper and final paper submissions for publication in the conference proceedings.

For the submissions, the authors and co-authors must be registered in the management system ( The submission requires filling in the form found in the “Submission” section in the AUTHOR area.

The area that best suits your research work must also be selected in the management system, the areas are listed in the “About: TOPICS” tab.

All manuscripts must be submitted through the ABCM conference management system. Works sent through other channels will not be accepted.

The official language of the congress is Portuguese. However, manuscripts in English will be accepted; but, if the work is not written in English, the author must include the title, authors’ names and affiliations, abstract and keywords, translated into English, after the reference list, at the end of the article, according to the template.


The abstract will be reviewed to verify the adherence of the contribution to the congress, and the adequacy of the area that was selected by the authors. The abstract must describe the objectives, context and relevance of the research, the methodology adopted, the obtained/expected results and the preliminary conclusions of the study. It must not contain formulas or references. All co-authors must be listed, including their institutions and email addresses (institutional preferred). There is no specific template for the abstract, but it must have 300 to 400 words.

Final date for abstract submission – 07/15/2022


After receiving the approval of the abstract, the authors must submit the complete manuscript, which will be identified in the ABCM system as “draft paper”. At this stage, the article must clearly present the objectives and scope of the research, with a complete literature review to demonstrate the original contributions to the state of the art, as well as all the methodology, results and discussions and conclusions.

In addition, COBEF 2023 will receive articles of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 pages, which must include title, affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and references. Literature review articles with page numbers between 10 and 12 pages will be accepted. The final version of the article must be submitted in PDF format and must not exceed 2.0 MB. The maximum number of authors per article is 6 authors.

The articles are expected to contribute to the state of the art in the area.

The manuscript of the document must be prepared in strict compliance with one of the congress templates, available in MS Word format and available on the “submissions: templates” tab.

The draft paper will be reviewed by ad hoc evaluators selected within the area and subarea associated with the contribution. The review process will be coordinated by the Scientific Committee of COBEF 2023, available in the “About: committees” tab, resulting in one of three possible decisions: “accepted”, “accepted with corrections” or “rejected”.

Final date for submission of the Complete Work (draft paper) 11/15/2022


If the article is “accepted” or “accepted with corrections”, the authors must respond to the requests and recommendations of the reviewers, implementing them as requested, or contesting them with plausible justifications.

The authors must then send the final article, which will be reviewed again by the Scientific Committee. The final decision will be “accepted” or “rejected”.

The final work will only be “accepted” if it is prepared in strict compliance with the congress template available in MS Word format. And the file must meet the maximum size of 2.0 MB.

Note: when uploading the final file, authors must fill in all the information correctly, as this information will appear later in the event proceedings and DOI. This information is the sole responsibility of each author and cannot be changed later.

The works will be divided into oral or poster presentations, and the definition of the day and time of presentation will be carried out according to the congress schedule. Authors will be informed in advance.

The best works in each thematic area, chosen by an ad hoc commission, will be awarded with an official certificate of the event.

Final date for submission of the Final Paper – 03/15/2023


The reported research work must not have been previously published in conferences or journals.

All co-authors must be registered in the ABCM system, declare themselves aware of the submission and share responsibility for its content.

In order to send a scientific work, there is no obligation to pay the registration fee, which can be done after the work has been accepted.

To be published in the proceedings, each work must have at least one associated registration fee and be presented at the congress.

Only works presented (oral or poster) during the congress will be published in the annals of the event.

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