Brazilian Manufacturing Engineering Congress

COBEF is an event that traditionally takes place in person, bringing together professionals from industry and academia, researchers, technicians and students who work or are interested in different areas of Manufacturing Engineering. The event was held remotely in 2021, due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

It is with joy that in 2023 we return to the face-to-face modality, which will again allow this meeting to happen with the exchange of knowledge, promotion of networking and formation of partnerships, as well as the continuous possibility of discussion and insights into the problems and objectives presented during the lectures and presentations. techniques, in addition to the traditional fraternization.

However, knowing the difficulties and cultural changes that occurred in the “post-pandemic”, in its 2023 edition, the organizing committee, with support from ABCM, decided to innovate, and give participants who are outside the country or somehow unable to participate in person, the option to participate remotely. It is worth mentioning that remote participation will have reduced access in content and it is recommended that it be selected only in the real impossibility of face-to-face participation.

Early fees (until April 10, 2023)

Modality Category ABCM member Non ABCM member
In-person Professional 300,00 600,00
Graduate student 150,00 300,00
Undergraduate student 75,00 150,00
Virtual (online) Professional 225,00 450,00
Graduate student 112,50 225,00
Estudante de graduação 56,25,00 112,50

Late fees (after April 11, 2023)

Modalidade Category ABCM member Non ABCM member
In-person Professional 375,00 750,00
Graduate student 187,50 375,00
Undergraduate student 93,75 187,50
Virtual (online) Professional 281,25 562,50
Graduate student 140,63 281,25
Undergraduate student 69,31 140,63

Please note that:
1. Submission of articles and inscriptions are carried out on the ABCM Platform;
2. For the publication of articles in the annals of COBEF 2023: the article must have been approved; its final version must have been submitted on the ABCM platform; at least one of the authors must pay the registration fee; the article must have been presented at the event;
3. Each entry is entitled to:
3.1. Publish an article in the Annals of Congress. Other publications will be charged an additional fee of R$ 100.00, per article, regardless of the registration category.
3.2. Participate in all lectures and presentations of scientific papers;
3.3. Receive the program and other materials to be distributed to participants.
4. Participants enrolled as ‘Undergraduate Student’ or ‘Graduate Student’ must upload proof of enrollment at the time of application. Failure to do so will result in non-confirmation of enrollment with the student discount.

Only works presented (oral or poster) during the congress will be published in the annals of the event.

1) Cancellation Policy for ABCM Conferences
1.1) Cancellations must be requested from the conference organizers and approved by ABCM.
1.2) Until 1 month before the event starts, a 70% refund will be provided.
1.3) Otherwise, no refund will be provided.
1.4) There is one exception, a final paper being rejected when its respective extended abstract was accepted, where a 100% refund will be provided.

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